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31 Mar

En route to Praia, Cape Verde

My initial thoughts on Cape Verde, just based on its ‘national airline’ is this is a country which strives to be ‘pleasant.’ After all – that was the motto of the airline: “TACV Cabo Verde – A pleasurable way to fly” However, standing in line to get my bags checked, it was pretty evident Cape […]

31 Mar

Transiting through the US – still a nightmare

Well folks, the Amuricans still aren’t making it pleasant for anyone to enter their country! After all the hullabaloo last year that we now have to register online – and the great thing about it was if you have a passport in the visa waiver program, you wouldn’t have to fill our any additional forms […]

29 Mar

Last weekend in Newfoundland

A week ago, I idely looked up the extent of sea ice around Newfoundland, fairly sure we should be seeing some by now. However, a glance at the map on the Canadian Ice Service website indicated it was barely scratching the northern tip of Newfoundland. Then we got wrapped in some mild snow and temperatures […]

15 Mar

The annual Chinese farce

Last year, with the Olympics being the showpiece for the ‘new’ China, they entertained the notion of ‘talks‘ with Tibet. I thought maybe this time they mean it… Afterall, the Dahli Lama has been preaching just an acceptance of Tibtan culture within China for decades now. Maybe the Chinese realised that the time they will […]

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