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29 Apr

Quickly sprinting across the prairies

Today was supposed to be the longest day of driving on my itinerary but it didn’t seem like it… For some super odd reason, driving for 1000km across nearly dead flat prairie’s (Ok.. there was the odd copse of trees) was actually not too bad. Unlike Ontario which was plagued with low speeds and enough […]

28 Apr

Finally escaping the overly large province of Ontario

Today was a ‘short’ day… Only about 700km to drive from Thunder Bay in Ontario to Winnipeg, Manitoba. So I left at a leisurely 8.45am. The countryside was abundant gently rolling hills dotted with copses of deleafed trees and the sky was blue and there was no wind… And I didn’t get pulled over for […]

27 Apr

Does Ontario ever end???

Another long day. But fortunately managed to not be so bored this time, by imagining the barren trees to be covered in either lush green leaves or a blazing hillside of oranges and reds as the fall colours take effect… The first third of the drive was still virgin territory for me – continuing along […]

26 Apr

The thundery road from eastern Ontario to central Ontario

I set off early from Ottawa… still tired. I got bored about 4 km into the journey. No, maybe thats not fair – I had to drive through Ottawa first… But once out the other side, the drive very quickly became dull. Southern Ontario is flat and at this time of year, not particularly attractive! […]

25 Apr

The long road from New Brunswick through Quebec

I didn’t mean to go so far today… honest! I left Fredericton around 8.30am this morning. It was a gorgeous morning – clear pale blue spring skies and endless sunshine. My intention was to go to Montreal and find somewhere to sleep there tonight… My drive began with the Transcanada heading ever northwards (not the […]

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