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31 Jul

A day in the life of an exploration geologist: Part III

Each year seems to bring with it a new aspect of geological exploration. In my first summer writing about being an exploration geologist, I was engaged in mapping in a remote part of the world (ie it could take 3 days to get to site). Last year, I was engaged in a geochemical sampling program […]

30 Jul

Riding through the night on top of a Russian tank

“Do you want to ride on top?” my translator asked me. “What… on top of the tank?” I replied. I was bleary eyed and not thinking very straight as it was 2.30am – but duty called. “Yeah. The driver is asking if we want to ride on top…” “Er… OK. Why not. Might add some […]

22 Jul

Riding in a Russian tank

Well, my priveleged status only lasted a day before I was turfed into the Russian tank (or ATV as they call it… I suspect many Americans on their little Suzuki or Polaris 4 wheel ATV’s would drool at the thought of owning a beastie like this one!). Maybe turfed isn’t the right word… this is […]

21 Jul

The devolution in travel begins again

My travels sound exotic to many, but I am starting to get tired of the long travel times to get somewhere. Recently, the New Scientist magazine did a map showing the remotest places on Planet Earth, and their criterian was it took more than 3 days to get there. Depressingly, most of my work areas […]

18 Jul

Slashing my way through a Seoulful fog

Good grief! I thought the smog/pollution cloud in Beijing was bad but when I flew into Seoul today, I re-evaluated that! The flight across the Pacific was quite clear (always odd that the quickest way to Asia from Vancouver is up and over Alaska and eastern Russia…). I enjoyed my first true Executive Class International […]

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