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Me in my trademark yellow jacketI’m a global nomadIand this blog has been going for over 6 years now.

Some FYI on me…

People who travel can broadly be broken into 5 categories:

  1. Those who never leave the neighbourhood they were born in let alone the city/town/place
  2. Those who talk about travelling a lot but learn a lot via other people’s experiences, and make the odd trip..
  3. Those who live for the next vacation so they can experience something new
  4. Those who travel with work but rarely for personal reasons
  5. Those who are restlessly moving from place to place, never lasting more than a few years in any one spot

To date, I have been more or less a Type (5) person – with a resume that says I rarely stay in one spot more than a couple of years. For half of the first decade of this century, I have been wandering the globe literally living out of a suitcase (with a storage locker in each hemisphere…) and working in high latitude and altitude environments. Every now and then, there would be some down time in warmer areas.

However, now I admit, it is time for a slight change of pace though… Living out of a suitcase for an extended period can take its toll on people, drain their finances severely and the joy of travel can tarnish slightly – especially after 5 years! I realised I wasn’t going to remote areas I wanted to go anymore as when I wasn’t working, I just wanted to rest. This was a terrible realisation for me! There is still so many things I want to see, do and experience!

So without giving up the work in the polar regions, I have moved to the one country I kept returning to again and again (its a base I am happy with) – and now plan trips and holidays to destinations that attract me. The global meanderings of this nomad will never end as long as there are unexplored corners and new cultures to experience!

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    shropshire lad Says:

    Hi global nomad,
    Like your style and wonder whether you would like to meet to discuss the travels going on in your head lately.

    The Shropshire Lad.

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