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23 Apr

Books I’ve read

Science Fiction Mystery Murder Thriller Drama/Comedy/Other
Gridlinked (Neal Asher)
The Skinners (Neal Asher)
Hilldiggers (Neal Asher)
****Fleet of Worlds (Larry Niven)
***Saturn’s Race (Larry Niven & Steven Barnes)
***Twilight Watch (Sergei Lukyanenko)
***Next (Michael Crichton)
*****Firstborn (Arthur C Clark & Stephen Baxter)
****Kennedy’s Brain (Henning Mankell) ***Friend of the Devil (Peter Robinson) ****Alibi Man (Tami Hoag) The Truth about Canada (Mel Hurtig) (NF)
Unstoppable Global Warming: Every 1500 years (Singer and Avery) (NF)
Dragon Bones: A red princess mystery (Lisa See) (Drama)
Peony in Love (Lisa See) Drama)
Snow Flower and the Secret Fan (Lisa See) (Drama)
Founders at Work (Jessica Livingston)
***A vision of light (Judith Merkle Riley) (Drama)
***In pursuit of the Green Lion (Judith Merkle Riley) (Drama)
*****The Serpent Garden (Judith Merkle Riley) (Drama)
Writing life stories (Bill Roorbach)(NF)
****A thousand splendid suns (Khaled Hosseini) (Drama)
Science Fiction Mystery Murder Thriller Drama/Comedy/Other
******The Dreaming Void (Peter F Hamilton)***Galactic North (Alastair Reynolds)****The Day Watch (Sergei Lukyanenko)****The Night Watch (Sergei Lukyanenko)

***Transcendence (Stephen Baxter)

****Exultant (Stephen Baxter)

****Coalescent (Stephen Baxter)

***The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters (G.W. Dahlquist)

***The Secret Servant(Daniel Silva)******The Book Thief (Markus Zusak)***Smoke and Mirrors (Neil Gaiman) ***The risk of darkness (Susan Hill) ***Map of Bones (James Rollins)**The Traveller (John Twelve Hawkes)*****Sandstorm (James Rollins) ****Measuring the world (Daniel Kehlmann)***Left Bank (Kate Muir) – COmedy*****Let’s talk about Kevin (Lionel Shriver) – Drama**Journey of the Magi (Paul William Roberts) – Travel Non-fiction

***American Gods (Neil Gaiman)***Forest Mage (Robin Hobb)***Shaman’s Crossing (Robin Hobb)****The Fourth Bear (Jasper Fforde)

****Geodesica – Descent (Sean Williams with Shane Dix)

***Shadow of the Giant (Orson Scott Card)

***Sunstorm (Arthur C Clarke and Stephen Baxter)

Time’s Eye (Arthur C Clarke and Stephen Baxter)

****The Eternity Artifact (L.E. Modesitt, Jr)

***Singularity Sky (Charles Stross)

****His Dark Materials trilogy (Philip Pullman)

*Cloud Atlas (David Mitchell)

Depth (Henning Mankell)***The Tenth Circle (Jodi Picoult)****The Geographers Library (John Frasman)***Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse (Robert Rankin)

***Labyrinth (Kate Mosse)

***Piece of my Heart (Peter Robinson)***Kill the messenger (Tami Hoag)****The pure in heart (Susan Hill)***Playing with Fire (Peter Robinson)

***Aftermath (Peter Robinson)

****The various haunts of men (Susan Hill)

**Devil’s Feather (Minette Walter)

****Killing Field (Lee Child)****One Shot (Lee Child)*****The Hard Way (Lee Child)**The Messenger (Daniel Silva)

***Havana Bay (Martin Cruz Smith)

***Wolves eat dogs (Martin Cruz Smith)

*****The Undercover Economist (Tim
***Monkeyluv (Robert M. Sapolsky) BIOLOGY***Echoes of the dance (Marcia Willet) DRAMA***Ridiculous Expectations (Merridy Eastman) COMEDY

***Tibet: Travellers Tales (James O’Reilly, Ed) TRAVEL

****Extremely loud and incredibly close (Jonathon Safran Foer) DRAMA

Travels with a tangerine (Tim Mackintosh-Smith) TRAVEL

The Hall of a thousand columns (Tim Mackintosh-Smith)

The travels of Ibn Battutah (Tim Mackintosh-Smith) TRAVEL

****Freakonomics (Steven D. Levitt & Stephen J Dubner) NON-FICTION

Science Fiction Mysetery Murder Thriller Drama/Comedy/Other
*********Judas Unchained (Peter
F. Hamilton) – HAS TO BE READ
********Pandora’s Star (Peter F. Hamilton) – THE BEST!!!*****The Big Over Easy (Jasper FForde) -also qualifies for thriller and
****Spin Control – Charles Moriarty

****Geodesic – Sean Williams and Shane Dix

****Trudeau Vector – Juris
***Vanishing Acts – Jodi Picoult
***The mark of the assassin
– Daniel Silva
****The day after tomorrow
(Allan Folsom)
***Prince of Fire (Daniel Silva)***Perfect Match – Jodi Picoult
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