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26 Aug

And the delays begin. Again

Yesss… Its that time of the year. The time when I am stressing because I have been in a remote field camp for an extended period of time (nearly 7 weeks this time) and I want to get out. And I can’t… because the weather is marginally inclement, which in Russia translates as unflyable Now, […]

31 Jul

A day in the life of an exploration geologist: Part III

Each year seems to bring with it a new aspect of geological exploration. In my first summer writing about being an exploration geologist, I was engaged in mapping in a remote part of the world (ie it could take 3 days to get to site). Last year, I was engaged in a geochemical sampling program […]

15 Jul

Bicycle lanes in Vancouver? Puh-lease!

I have to confess, there is one aspect of my newly adopted home city which I don’t understand – the animosity towards cyclists, even by cyclists themselves! Having sold my car, I was rather looking forward to working out the cycle lanes around Vancouver and cycling to destinations near and far. Imagine my underwhelment when […]

14 Apr

En route to the Azores

Another day at sea… Personal hell for me. I can’t explain it but being on a ship, which is moving constantly, saps me completely. No, I do not get sea sick, but I go slowly mad as the never-ending motions erodes any concentration and I can’t really accomplish much.Time drags….. Not much more can be […]

31 Mar

Transiting through the US – still a nightmare

Well folks, the Amuricans still aren’t making it pleasant for anyone to enter their country! After all the hullabaloo last year that we now have to register online – and the great thing about it was if you have a passport in the visa waiver program, you wouldn’t have to fill our any additional forms […]

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