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03 Sep

Last dash to Insadong, Korea

I was due to fly out at 5pm. A good time… and a bad time. Meant I had to check out of the hotel and do something until that time. So I decided to return to Insadong, the natty area in Seoul where there was good food (if I’d had the time and inclination to […]

02 Sep

Inching through Incheon, Korea

My last full day in Seoul was actually spent visiting the port city of Incheon near the main airport. Seoul airport (or Incheon International Airport) is actually an hours drive out of Seoul and Incheon itself is the port and harbour city. As my travel companion was due to fly out that afternoon, we booked […]

31 Aug

Finding a ‘traditional’ Korean market…

Having arrived in Seoul, Korea from Russia, and with only a few days layover, we went to the tourist information desk to try and work out what to see in Seoul the next day. Our first goal was to see a ‘proper’ market where we could find traditional Korean stuff. I think our definition of […]

26 Aug

And the delays begin. Again

Yesss… Its that time of the year. The time when I am stressing because I have been in a remote field camp for an extended period of time (nearly 7 weeks this time) and I want to get out. And I can’t… because the weather is marginally inclement, which in Russia translates as unflyable Now, […]

04 Aug

Russian camp dogs 2009

One of the nice things I believe I’ve mentioned before is, working outside of Australia often means people bring their dogs into the field. Just as in Antarctica where the huskies were an important part of keeping fraying nerves at bay during the long winters, the dogs here serve a similar function. So I thought […]

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