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10 Jan

PART III: How hard can it be to be a biologist?

And in the stunning conclusion to life as a German research biologist lacking funding and defending their turf from ignorant geologists… Him: I shall also be studying mosquito´s. Me: (genuinely mortified) Mosquito´s! There are mosquito’s in Antarctica???? Him: Why, yes! Me: But they could be carrying unheard of diseases! Him: I don’t know about that. […]

10 Jan

PART II: How hard can it be to be a biologist?

My conversation with the German Polar Scientist in Ushuaia didn’t stop with ‘pointing out’ how to get funding to continue for research for skuas from the NSF though… Me: If you are not studying skuas this time down in Anatarctica, what are you studying? Him: Environmental impact on the local animals. Me: Surely not the […]

10 Jan

PART I: How hard can it be to be a biologist?

Ushuaia is a marvelous place for meeting people. I got to meet several German polar scientists the other day. In wonderful yet obscure fields. I got chatting to a biologist who was interested in skua´s, the viscious big brown birds which act like the carniverous magpies of the south, with a strong desire to swoop […]

10 Jan

Argentina: Time to go…

I developed quite a lovey dovey feeling about Ushuaia over the last 4 days. But today, the day I depart, I have 3 dogs come out and try to maul my jeans and one teenage girl spat on me when I refused to give her money. Time to move on! But do bear in mind, […]

09 Jan

Argentina: Tourist ‘fin del mundo’ style

It’s the weirdest thing but if you are visiting Ushuaia, then as a tourist you must strut. I don’t know why – most people strut here. Like its some badge of honour to have made it to the bottom of the world (which no doubts exasperates Chile who built Puerto Williams specifically so Argentina couldn’t […]

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