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29 Nov

Snorkelling with sharks

I was sitting in a pink bus outside the hotel. This was to be the start of my afternoon of snorkelling with Stuart Cove diving in Nassau, Bahama’s. Turns out I wasn’t the only person staying at the Hilton (ka-puth) – a family of 4 french people got on as well as a young, possibly […]

29 Nov

A stroll to Paradise Island

After a very deep sleep the night before (10 hours, out cold, since I put in earplugs to block out the amorous activities next door to me in the Hilton…), I was up by 10am and wondering what to do before my snorkelling trip. I decided to push on past the seedy limits of the […]

28 Nov

The Love Boat rolls ashore

Too early to go to bed… to late to to not do something… Thus it was I found myself arriving in the Bahama’s at 2ish in the afternoon – absolutely wiped out after my red-eye flight and brief sleep in Toronto airport. Confusion would seem to be the order of the day when I arrived […]

27 Nov

Who takes red-eye flights?

Apparently parents with young families and idiots like me with ‘Use it or loose it’ unrefundable credit with an airline… But that said, it’s weird that taking a flight for 8, 12 or even 16 hours (as one tortuous flight from Los Angelese to New Zealand once was – yes, I didn’t know planes could […]

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