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05 Apr

The simply stunning drive from Porta Novo to Porta do Sol, Sao Antao, Cape Verde

We sailed across the short narrow strait between Sao Vincente and Sao Antao early in the morning. I wasn’t too keen to get up, but our Expedition Leader  mentioned on the wakeup call that the sun was just starting to tint the mountains of Sao Antao, so I thought I better take a picture in […]

04 Apr

An evening in Mindelo, cultural capital of Cape Verde

Since we weren’t going to sail the minuscule 7 nautical miles to Sao Antao until tomorrow, a meal in town was in order! I knew John (historian) wanted to go in so after recap, I approached him to see if he had any plans. He didn’t. He was wondering if he should ask Fernando and […]

04 Apr

Catfish Bay (Baia Gatas), Sao Vicente, Cape Verde

The afternoon was spent on an excursion. At 1.30pm, those who wanted to go for a tour were bundled onto a bus waiting at the gangway and we headed off to… a fort. Seemed we were going to get a little tour of Mindelo first! So we snaked our way past some pretty swanky 4 […]

04 Apr

Mindelo – cultural capital of Cape Verde

Turned out the ship was not only tangled up in nets yesterday in Furna, but had also run aground… The pilot kept insisting the depth was 12m, but a depth gauge in a zodiac suggested with the tide out the depth was more like 5.8m and our ship has a draft of 7m… So. Just […]

03 Apr

The diverse landscape of Brava Island, Cape Verde

It only took about 2 hours to sail across to Brava island, gradually becoming more distinct. We had a pilot on board who seemed to think we could anchor in the shettled harbour of Furna… I didn’t know what that meant until we were in Furna… The Captain through out the anchor and then manouvered […]

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