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25 Feb

Precious chocolate!

Cripes, as I have hinted in previous blogs today, I have been on a quest to find Sahne Nuss chocolate with Almadres (ie chocolate with Almonds). This Chilean chocolate (albeit, now owned by Nestle) is truly a little charmer hidden in this South American country – its not found anywhere else in South America and […]

22 Jan

So. You want to move overseas – Part 5: Driving

In some places, it is quite important to be able to drive if you want to be able to get around where you live. I have driven in many places around the world, but only needed to obtain a drivers license (due to long stay as opposed to visitor renting a car) a handful of […]

05 Apr

So… You want to emigrate do you?

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear… You’d think a world traveller like me might not have to many issues with emmigrating somewhere, mighten you? But alas, that only makes things worse. Ya see, when you emmigrate, the chosen country of your affection will most likely ask you for police records of your criminal history in […]

02 Apr

Chile: The desert lands of Arica

I hadn’t been to Arica before – well, transited through on the airplane. The first thing that jumped (flew?) out at us was how dry it was. The second thing was the beautiful Inca terns – a lovely soft dark grey bird with red beak, yellow splash and a beautiful drooping white feather under each […]

01 Apr

Chile: Bioluminescence spectacular!

Sailing north along the western coast of South America. It was north of Valaparaiso and the end of another day at sea. In the darkness, I went out on the front deck determined to keep doing so until I saw the bioluminescence! The EL had told me the ship was sailing through some really good […]

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