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11 Apr

Crossing the Equator

In the afternoon a brief ceremony for King Neptune to grant as (delayed) permission to cross the equator occurred. We had actually sedately sailed across it shortly after sunset yesterday. Being staff, I had to dress up as a mermaid – a garish one – and accomplished that by twisting foil around strands of hair […]

10 Apr

Ecuador: Almost snorkelling with dolphins…

After the walk on Isla de la Plata, it was time to do some snorkelling before the ship set sail. Since the majority of pax were in this group and the birding duo hadn’t returned, we were all bundled into the tour boat, taken 5 minutes away and told to jump over, being handed a face […]

10 Apr

Ecuador: Boobied! Isla de la Plata

Well, Isla de la Plata that is supposed to be the answer to not going to the Galapagos Islands.. Our guides from yesterday were to return and conduct our tour here. Essentially we were split into two groups – those who wanted to walk around the island and those who were just going to go on the […]

09 Apr

Ecuador: More mummified remains and a Sulphur Pool

It would appear that most of the land surrounding Puerto Lopez in Ecuador is part of the Machalilla National Park, so we spent the day being ferried backwards and forwards through Puerto Lopez getting to see the various attractions. One thing I can tell you, a nice painted mural of Spiderman urged couples to use ‘condones’ […]

23 Apr

A summary of my thoughts on Ecuador

Best features: Boobies (birds) Worst features: A bit disorganised… Best gastronomic delight: Fresh fruit, chocolate Time spent there: Couple of days (grossly insufficient!) Comments: I only saw a small segment of the southern coastline (unless being in a plane on the tarmac in Quito counts…) and was captivated by Ecuador. I read more about it […]

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