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05 Feb

Searching for the lost ark, Take II

Once again, I find myself at West Point Island in the West Falklands. It is a fine buy hazy day, with low clouds scudding over the hill tops before evaporating over the valley’s. The wind is, again, blowing quite strongly, but it is a balmy 13C and feels quite warm with my fleece top flitering […]

20 Jan

Blown away by East Falkland Island

The sun was shining out a pale blue sky as we pulled into Berkley Sound of East Falkland Island and huddled right up near its western most limit, near Long Island. Far from being the bustling metropolis of its reknowned northern counterpart, the area we were heading to, Long Island Farm, had only one house, […]

19 Jan

Sprinting for tea

After my morning disappointment of not finding the lost biblical ark, it was off to Carcass Island in search of something far more humbling – the burrowing Magellanic Penguin. The ship had relocated during lunch – literally just sailing slightly north and we were drifting just off Leopard Beach. From here, those wanting to stretch […]

19 Jan

Seeking the lost ark

Today I got to lead a climb up Mt Arrarat. Mt Arrarat is fabled as being the place where Noah’s ark got stranded after the great flood – there was even a documentary made about it! True, this documentary, complete with pictures of what clearly looks like half an ark on a steep mountain slope […]

23 Apr

A summary of my thoughts on the Falkland Islands

Best features: The beautiful countryside, the wildlife, the people Worst features: Some would say the isolation, but I didn’t feel that there and can’t think of anything that might make me think badly of this collection of Islands… Best gastronomic feature: Definitely the shortcake biscuits at the farm on Carcas Island! The people: Well, being […]

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