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06 Nov

A quick trip to Asakusa in Tokyo

As part of my disconnect from Sydney to Vancouver, I found myself with nearly a day to kill in Tokyo. As the airline puts me up at a hotel near the airport, the easiest thing to do is go back to the airport and catch a train into town. However, Tokyo is very big and […]

06 Nov

A gastronomic Japanese faux pas…

I decided to pop into a sushi train restuarant to have my lunch in Asukasu. Last time I passed through, I found some dive of a sushi train place but the sushi was lovely light and fresh, quite cheap, and some old man helped me through the naunces of Japanese dining. Continuing in the same […]

06 Nov

Asleep on a train in Tokyo

Its 9.15am. I am on a limited express train to Asakusa in Tokyo and everyone around me is asleep. If there is one thing the Japanese do is it seems to be falling asleep at the mere whiff of some time to kill… I had another one of those fabulous ‘disconnects‘ which means I get […]

06 Nov

Disconnecting through Tokyo

One of the great things about Japan Airlines is their old-fashioned generosity. Flying from Sydney to Vancouver entails what they call a ‘disconnect’ where I end up arriving in Tokyo about 45 minutes after the daily flight to Vancouver as left. So rather than just letting me work out whether or not to crash at […]

06 Nov

Japan: Tokyo on a packet of Tim Tams

A sea of japanese faced me. A little unfair – all the signs from the airport departure lounge to the train ticketing process had been in english and japanese – and now the only obstacle facing me was all ticketing was automatic and all of it was in Japanese! I did my best to look […]

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