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03 Apr

Isn’t belly dancing a contradiction in the middle east?

I admit it. I’ve just begun taking belly dancing class. For some reason, belly dancing has taken Canada by storm and women everywhere are taking classes in this ancient form of dancing. Meanwhile, in The Netherlands, the population moves around uneasily as Islamic extremists take to the streets in protesting the film, Fitna, a 15 […]

14 Oct

How many names are there for the Brits?!

“Heyyyyy! British Chicks! British Chicks! British Chicks!” “Did you hear what he just called us?” my sister exclaimed. “British chicks,” I replied, ignoring the Moroccan guy leaning against a wall and screaming after us. “No… I think he said ‘Fish and chips’” my sister said. “Why would he call us ‘Fish and chips?’ “I remarked […]

13 Oct

Opportunistic activities at Jemaa el Fna, Marrakech

The night was warm, the air filled with scents of spice and dust. It was a night to go and check out fine dining above the famous Jemaa el Fna, the square to be seen and do things in Marrakech! We had read that Jemaa el Fna was active by day, and indeed, there were […]

23 Apr

A summary of my thoughts on Morocco

Most Impressive Features: The arts and crafts Loser Feature: The men Best Gastronomic Delight: Citron! Citron ice cream and soft drink (a blende of lemon and lime – should be global. Can’t think why Schweppes think it’d only be appreciated in Moroccoa… The people: The men are very very tiring. As are the kids…. Of […]

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