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14 Apr

Panama: Sailing THROUGH a country: The Panama Canal

We had to be at Panama City long before our scheduled time to go through the Panama canal. Customs came aboard before lunch, but our pilot wasn’t scheduled to come on until 4pm. Fortunately, I was able to help the staff out with inventory’s etc which killed a lot of this dead time. Killing time […]

13 Apr

Panama: Drug runners or coconut smugglers?

I was doing a zodiac cruise around Isla Contadora in the Pearl Island Archipelago in Panama. We had been told that the former Shah of Iran had been exiled on this island our goal was to find his house… I inherited a couple who wanted to go around the island, so we set off looking […]

13 Apr

Panama: Attempted snorkel circumnavigation of Isla Bartalome, Pearl Islands

In 1513, Vasco Nuñez de Balboa and a small group of men hacked their way through the jungle of what we now know as Panama and found a new ocean. Balboa called it Mar del Sur but we now know it as the Pacific Ocean. They set sail in search of riches and sailed into […]

12 Apr

Panama: Emberu Indian tribal dance

It was late afternoon now and everyone was there, sitting in a semi-circle and staring at a cluster of girls in the centre of the circle and tables of native arts arranged beyond. There were about 20 young girls wearing colourful printed sarong skirts, beaded necklaces and henna tattoo’s – and little else! They milled […]

12 Apr

Panama: Scout mission on the Darien Coast

We have heard a lot on this trip about the Panamerica Highway, connecting Alaska to Tierra del Fuego on this trip, but there are two places where it breaks down – the Chilean fjords in the south and the Darien Gap in Panama… We were in Darien today, a jungle-infested chunk of land isolating Columbia […]

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