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08 Apr

Peru: Superpod of dolphins!

Another day of patiently sitting in the bridge was succesful when at 4.15pm the EL spotted a superpod of dolphins ahead! I grabbed my camera and dashed to the bridge tohave them pointed out to me – nothing more than a thin dark grey slick on the horizon dead ahead. I went down to the […]

07 Apr

Peru: The Ancient Indian city of Chan Cha

Built of adobe by the Chimu people in the 10th to 15th Century, it originally covered 25 square km, but the remains now occupy only 14 square kilometres. It was also though to be the largest city prior to the Inca’s coming, with a population of 250,000. But when the Inca’s came, they saw a […]

07 Apr

Peru: Huaco del Luna

Our first destination were the Huaco del Sol and Huaco de la Luna temples, two pyramid-shaped temples built out of mud by the Moche people between 100 and 750AD. They were located very much on the edge of Trujillo – like the Pyramids of Giza are in Cairo (if the pics of that are anything […]

06 Apr

Peru: A hasty visit to Lima

After breakfast we were bundled onto the big tourist bus and exited the port – via 2 security checks. Just outside the docks, it was pretty much a neighbourhood I wouldn’t want to be walking in – really rough with dilapidated adobe buildings exhibiting copious amounts of natural air conditioning and bits of wood and […]

05 Apr

Peru: Las Islas Ballestas

After breakfast, we loaded the zodiacs, the Peruvian coastline was just off in the hazy distance but ahead lay the pale beige guano-covered islands. These islands had been integral for the fertiliser industry in Britain in the first half of the 20th century with a Bristol businessman setting up his family for generations as he […]

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