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18 Apr

A puzzling walk around Ponta del Gada, Sao Miguel Is, Azores

Up and at ’em! Bright and early! Boot them passengers off the ship! By 8.30am, everyone was gone and it was just staff left milling around on the dock. The dock. It was a miserable dock.The sky was overcast and grey and occasionally spat on us. The harbour at Ponta del Gada on Sao Miguel […]

18 Apr

Under and over Pico, Azores

It had been decided the day before that we’d come in alongside at Sao Roque do Pico on the north side of the island as strong, gusty winds were forecast for the south side – and Lajes was a little exposed! I gather we had to zodiac the passengers in there and given the problems […]

17 Apr

Capelhinos and Horta, Faial Island, Azores

It was a bleak morning in Faial – grey, windy, damp… Low cloud obscured the upper reaches of Horta, the town we had docked in, which from the ship appeared to be a long town punctuated with tall churches here and there – lots of tall churches! However, a touring we must go so by […]

16 Apr

Terciera – a UNESCO heritage site in the Azores

The morning was supposed to be spent watching for marine mammels – but it clearly wasn’t going to be spent on the front bow as it could have been last night! The sky was a leaden grey, a wind whipped up the waves and rain squalls constantly swept over the ship…. So I did my […]

15 Apr

Another sea day but the Azores sighted

A long day at sea… A rough night before! I didn’t sleep very well during the night owing to being tossed around quite a bit in bed. Apparently I did sleep the one time the engines cut off though! The silence woke everyone else up but I slept like a babe until the engines came […]

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