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23 May

Getting tired of being ripped off! (and a rant at HSBC UK)

I am getting very tired of being ripped off. In Lhasa it was the bag in which no store would come down in price for me when trying to negotiate, in Beijing its the taxi’s –  the 6 yuan I got ripped off on yesterday, the 40 yuan on the way to the airport today […]

18 Mar

Singapore: Skin whitening

It is the weirdest thing – it would appear Singaporeans are OBSESSED with whitening their skin! I mean, these are people know exactly reknowned for having lily white skin to begin with so to me this is utterly bizarre. However, walking along the streets, standing on the escalator to go down to the MRT, browsing […]

17 Mar

International begging

Has anyone noticed the increase in panhandlers lately? I mean, you walk the streets of Sydney, and there are people EVERYWHERE thrusting tins and/or clipboards at you, wanting you to give up your time and money. It seems in Australia since the Tsunami, every charity under the sun has backpackers out on the streets of […]

16 Mar

Singapore: The city that should be domed off…

Well, its been 6 years but back in Singapore – a city which is to humid for me! But, for better or worse, coming here in ‘winter’ and after spending 2 months in humid Sydney, Singapore is almost bearable in a ‘Sydney on its worst humidest and hottest days’ kind of way… My hotel (Furama […]

23 Apr

A summary of my thoughts on Singapore

Most Impressive Features: They speak English, the efficiency of everything, the variety of shopping, excellent public education through advertising Loser Features: The humidity, the humidity, the humidity… Time spent there: Periods up to 4 days Comments: When they dome off the entire city and crank cool air through the entire dome, I shall return. Where […]

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