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20 May

Swedish roadside attraction…

The innocent new spruce trees, barely clearing 5m in height hide a gruesome secret on this lonely stretch of rural road in northern Sweden… It is set about 5m back from the road, slightly hidden behind some saplings. A well worn foot trail leads from the roadside edge to the sign itself.Every day or so, […]

13 May

Migrating Tundra Swans

It had rained on and off for the last 7 days and it was forecast to rain for the next 7 days, but today, the sun was out, a mild wind blew, and the lake near where I am staying had flock of white blobs floating on the water at its east end.So with the […]

05 May

A Swedish welcome to Spring

The theme was Italian football, the food was Italian, but the entertainment was pure Swedish… The sun was still high in the sky as we converged on a large barn-looking building for a Saturday night of festive fun, welcoming Spring to the Arctic north. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but it was something […]

04 May

A compelling case for a global ‘second’ language

In an ideal globalised world, amongst the usual things one wishes for, I would wish for either A little device that sits in my head and automatically translates everything someone says to me into English and vice versa. Failing that, There was a common second language used globally. Now it is true, many will say […]

01 May

May day, May day!

One of the fun things about working in Scandanavia is stumbling across all these ancient traditions which are the stuff of fairy tales and distant memories in my British-tainted memories. So, to travel through Oslo airport (as I have not made it into Oslo yet…), one is reminded that this is the land of goblins, […]

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