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20 Dec

Foibles of the English language

I ranted yesterday about the indecision one can have picking a second language to learn when your primary language is the default second language for the rest of the world. But one thing about dabbling (poorly) in learning to communicate in other languages gives me, if nothing else, an absolute appreciation for how confusing English […]

12 Dec

Jingling out of Africa

All good things must come to an end and businesses were packing up for Christmas and I had run out of things to do so was flying back to London to start looking for somewhere to live. But first I had to get out of Africa. This entailed a 2 hour wait at Mwanza Airport […]

10 Dec

Voodoo hour

“Hey Sister. I think you better finish now and leave,” I heard at the same time I spied a dapper Tanzanian man striding towards me in his pressed grey trousers and ironed white shirt. I had been taking photos of Lake Victoria approaching sunset (as in the sky was just turning lemon yellow and was […]

08 Dec

Markets in Mwanza

After a long day beginning after a near sleepless night at 4am this morning, I was looking forward to returning to the hotel and winding down. But as I was exiting, one of my hosts came in with a bag filled with masai blankets and a masai sword. I asked where he’d got it and […]

08 Dec

Passing Mt Kilimanjaro – and seeing it!

My blast of luxury ended very abruptly with the alarm waking me up 4.15am. I had to catch a plane back to Mwanza! Incredibly tired, I closed my bags and staggered down to the hotel lobby, my body flushed with heat at the unexpected labour at what is probably my biorhythmically lowest point in the […]

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