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08 Dec

Express post in Canada – is it worth it?

Earlier this year I became very frustrated with Canada Post as deliveries of items in the post seemed to take up to 2 months. Since writing that article, it has become one of the most-read items on this blog. However, I felt compelled to add more when someone left a jovial comment about the Express […]

17 May

Men dress to contrast Hollywood ideal

In sunny St John’s today (I know – local readers would laugh at that – but it really is sunny today after a week of pea soup fog which rendered anything beyond 100m invisible!), there is a sight I usually associate with the UK: men standing around in shorts and no t-shirt, weilding a beer […]

28 Feb

Is it me or is the mail in Canada exceptionally slow?

I’m trying to be patient here, but I feel my stress levels rise as I wondering if things have been shipped and if I will get them in Canada… At first I thought it might be something to do with the fact I am on a little island off the coast of Canada and it […]

23 Jan

So you want to move overseas – Part 6: Car insurance

Women say trying on bathing suits is the most soul destroying thing one can do when buying an item. By the time you find a bathing suit which flatters your figure, the joy of the upcoming trip to the beach or pool has been destroyed by hours of gazing at unwanted bits of flesh poking […]

22 Jan

So. You want to move overseas – Part 5: Driving

In some places, it is quite important to be able to drive if you want to be able to get around where you live. I have driven in many places around the world, but only needed to obtain a drivers license (due to long stay as opposed to visitor renting a car) a handful of […]

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