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30 Aug

Glacier National Park, Montana

Huh… I’ve driven through Glacier National Park in Canada a few times (between Alberta and BC somewhere…). I know its about the glaciers but unless you hike in (I’m guessing – I’ve never stopped long enough. Ok. I did once as I do recall taking pictures of a marmot vogueing for me – until I […]

30 Aug

Huckleberries in Hungry Horse

Huckleberries. How much do you know about huckleberries? I think before arriving in Hungry Horse, Montana, I think if you’d mentioned the word ‘hucklberries’ to me I’d have probably have thought of the cartoon character, Hucklberry Hound – the southern drawl speaking blue dog. Now I’ve been to Hungry Horse and I know they are […]

31 Mar

Transiting through the US – still a nightmare

Well folks, the Amuricans still aren’t making it pleasant for anyone to enter their country! After all the hullabaloo last year that we now have to register online – and the great thing about it was if you have a passport in the visa waiver program, you wouldn’t have to fill our any additional forms […]

08 Dec

Express post in Canada – is it worth it?

Earlier this year I became very frustrated with Canada Post as deliveries of items in the post seemed to take up to 2 months. Since writing that article, it has become one of the most-read items on this blog. However, I felt compelled to add more when someone left a jovial comment about the Express […]

24 Mar

If you absolutely have to move… don’t rely on U-haul

I freely admit, this blog entry will make the most sense to North Americans and hopefully other places in the world don’t have the same kind of service. But I learnt how fantabulously unreliable and messed up U-haul, a self-moving truck service is this last weekend! I always knew my Easter dash to the west […]

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