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12 May

Of tractors, swans and Ontario hospitality…

It was supposed to be a genteel drive through Ontario cottage country. However, dating a farmboy is apparently, not going to lead to a genteel drive through cottage country! From Goderich on the eastern side of Lake Huron in Ontario, we set off eastwards for our 1 day of car hire. But far be it […]

04 Nov

Numbers rise higher as we drive north

Continuing our drive north, we set off from Williams Lake at a reasonable hour. We had two ways to get to the Yukon – along the spectacular Cassiar  Highway or along the more popular, well travelled, Alaska Highway. As much as I would have liked to have travelled the Cassiar, I was a little leery […]

28 Apr

Finally escaping the overly large province of Ontario

Today was a ‘short’ day… Only about 700km to drive from Thunder Bay in Ontario to Winnipeg, Manitoba. So I left at a leisurely 8.45am. The countryside was abundant gently rolling hills dotted with copses of deleafed trees and the sky was blue and there was no wind… And I didn’t get pulled over for […]

09 Apr

Lush laurel forests of La Gomera, Canary Islands

Apparently we didn’t set sail until nearly 4am in the morning… I know I was delayed going to bed with the engineer deciding to talk to me as I slipped up to my room…. I was most relieved that the fuel truck arrived while he was talking as I wanted to get to bed! Still, […]

15 Apr

What on earth has got into the Chinese government?

A few weeks ago when unrest surged in Tibet, I wrote a piece about China and Tibet from an insider’s perspective. At the time, I mentioned that when I was there, the Chinese seemed to be aware of international pressure and an uneasy truce sort of existed between China and Tibet. Since I wrote my […]

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