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08 Nov

Farewell Sydney…

Sydney Opera House at sunsetIt is the eve of my departure from Sydney. It’s been a hard 4 and a bit years here, and I feel no regrets about moving on. The timing is right, the circumstances are right. It’s time to leave!
I came to Sydney because one career was over and another had to begin. In this arena, Sydney was very generous to me! I was given a chance with no formal training in my new profession by the RACP, and they were wonderful people. It was the first time I had ever felt I was actually respected for my talent. In my previous career, I was always taken for granted that there were a dozen more like me waiting in the wings and if circumstances changed, I was disgarded like fluff. For this, I got a university degree…

However, I desired to make more advanced in my new career, and the ABA was a fantastic fit! I loved working there even more, and they supported and encouraged me ever more. They made it very difficult to leave. I procrastinated a long time before events began to overtake me – it was time to move… I am to this minute, very grateful for having had the bliss of working with great people for my duration here!

But I have no regrets about leaving Sydney because as I said, she is a hard city to break into and by that, I mean to develop a life! I have met many people who went to Sydney to make their fame and fortune, and left several years later with nothing but the experience and no desire to ever do anything but pass though again. I had friends when I arrived. I had very few of them as I leave, and at best, they are acquaintences now. I don’t know why, but in the first year of being here, I was disgarded for secretaries and partners – maybe I wasn’t materialistic or self-centreed enough for Sydney-siders? True, I was beginning to make new friends as I packed my bags (always the way!), but it was too little too late. As I said, change was sweeping me along in its wake. There was a long barren period in there filled with not much to do but enjoy my work and walk a lot – and that’s when I made the decision to move on while I still could! It was never this hard in any other place I’ve moved to and started life afresh (well, OK, the UK was hard as well – but the cost of living there drove me away before I could become too attached!).

At first, I felt a little hesitant and flakey mentioning my plans – travel on a wing and prayer to a country where I would need a visa. But as I told more people, I began to truly be grateful that I could up and leave to follow my heart’s desire! Most of us are held back by many things – a partner, children, mortgages, job security, family, xenophobia to name but a few. I feel very thankful that I can move on!

I don’t know where I will end up ultimately. What I do know is that (and apologies for those it offends), it’s the people that make a place, and the people of Sydney ultimately,  did not make me feel very welcome. I am ready to move on. I’ll come back, I’m sure, to see my new friends, but I shall never desire to live in this city again.

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