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30 Aug

Glacier National Park, Montana

Huh… I’ve driven through Glacier National Park in Canada a few times (between Alberta and BC somewhere…). I know its about the glaciers but unless you hike in (I’m guessing – I’ve never stopped long enough. Ok. I did once as I do recall taking pictures of a marmot vogueing for me – until I didn’t give it any food and then it gave me such a scolding…), its not really that super spectacular to drive through.

So I have to confess, I wasn’t expecting much with Glacier National Park in Montana.

And to be honest, when we entered from the western side via the West Glacier entrance (nearly fainting at the $US25 entry fee given we were only going to be driving through it…Why couldn’t it be like Canada where if you aren’t staying for the night but just passing through, you don’t have to pay?!), it was a tree lined road with the odd glimpse of a lake (Lake McDonald). So, it isn’t actually a terribly spectacular entrance. Plus that was compounded by everything being hazy owing to several bushfires raging to the south.

After about 20 minutes, we begin to get a glimpse of some peaks high up above the tree tops. It began to really quite interesting after passing the end of Lake McDonald and following some river up.

And then we rounded a bend, and even the trees couldn’t hide the fact the cliffs to our right were pretty much hanging over us! We were in awe! These must be some of the most amazing near vertical cliffs in the world and the effect of them rising 200oft nearly straight up was staggering.

New found respect for the Montana Glacier National Park!

It took us about 3 hours to snake our way up to Logan Pass (somewhere north of 6000ft… sorry, don’t have map on me!), some delays due to road construction going on, but most being delays as we pulled into the many pullouts to take pictures of these steep glacier carved valleys…

I’m not going to go into lengthy description. The smoke make for slightly anticlimactic photography… But I will do my best to post photos to go with this post soon. Just remember, those cliffs hung over us!

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