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30 Aug

Huckleberries in Hungry Horse


How much do you know about huckleberries? I think before arriving in Hungry Horse, Montana, I think if you’d mentioned the word ‘hucklberries’ to me I’d have probably have thought of the cartoon character, Hucklberry Hound – the southern drawl speaking blue dog. Now I’ve been to Hungry Horse and I know they are purple berries which it would appear are the panacia for just about anything to do with anything you can possibly think of.

We pulled into one of the huckleberry superstores lining this little town (there isn’t much else apart from Hucklberry superstores… Well. A few antique stores selling Montana oddities – usually well worth a sticky beak in this part of the world if you like that kind of stuff.. which I do…). I think this store was called the Huckleberry Patch (a quick search on google would confirm that it appears that is so).

Its a purple store. We walked into one of its many entrances and found ourselves in tackydom heaven, with cheaply made oddities generally in a shade of purple. There were magnets of bears holding huckleberries, purses with hucklberries on them, pyjama’s with huckleberries on them, things that dangle in front of windows that were purple and huckleberryish, there were pocket knives with hucklberries on them… the list goes on…

Being starved though, we blitzed through the several rooms filled with huckleberry mania to the restuarant where I ordered an Avalanche wrap with huckleberry cottage cheese and huckleberry viniagarette with a side of coleslaw with huckleberries. Are you getting the picture here that this place is a mecca for huckleberry consumption?

Surprisingly, the wrap was actually pretty good. The side of beans was even better… We almost got the huckleberry pie, but were actually feeling pretty full so didn’t pursue that option. I also failed to sample the home brewed huckleberry soda/pop drink…

With our stomachs no longer growling, we walked back into the store. The first section was dedicated to food. Huckleberry chocolate, huckleberry honey, huckleberry jam, huckleberry viniagarette, huckleberry lollipops, huckleberry licorice, huckleberry coffee, muffin mix, pancake mix (deep breath…) huckleberry tea, jerky…

The next room was the aforementioned souvenier store with every item you can think of emblazoned with huckleberries from baseball caps to t-shirts, sleepwear to soap, candles to fudge, plates to jelly….

And the last room seemed to be a little on the dull side and devoted to t-shirts etc loosely themed on the nearby Glacier National Park.

So. Now I know. A huckleberry is a very purple blueberry which has 1001 in which it can be marketed – have you ever seen such devotion to raspberries or strawberries?!

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