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09 Mar

A display of birding magnificence!

I saw not one, or two, but SIX Wandering Albatross displaying and courting eachother today! I have been to Prion Island, the only island just off the coast of South Georgia which tourists are allowed to visit in restricted numbers, on a few occasions now, but usually these large birds are sitting on a nest […]

08 Mar

A morning with royalty

Day 2 on South Georgia dawned somewhere in the vicinity of perfect – no wind, blue skies, bright sunshing, shining glaciers, towering mountains, honking penguins, snuffling fur seals… Our morning landing was at St Andrews Bay, a lovely big bay with an enormous King Penguin rookery – I think the biggest in South Georgia. I […]

06 Mar

How a little swell can make a BIG difference…

We have just arrived at the tiny island of South Georgia, a little wilderness gem deep in the Southern Atlantic and just inside the cold Antarctic waters. Just before breakfast, we had cruised around Cape Disappointment at the southern end of the island in horrifying grey, wind swept seas. But as we came into the […]

03 Mar

Ice floe fights back…unsuccessfully

I type this now with frozen fingers and with the ship still lurching around as we slam into 1 meter thick sea ice floes in the Weddell Sea! Today has been an amazing day, progressing deeper and deeper into the frozen world that trapped Shackleton’s men for 2 years. The day started with a visit […]

01 Mar

Part III: Weather contrasts in Antarctica

During the afternoon, the shop repositioned itself 3 hours north at Livingston Island. The clouds blew away, the Antarctica Peninsula, 100km away was visible – a line of glacier white mountains stretching from one end of the southern horizon to the other, and white pinpricks in the water resolved themselves into icebergs. At Hannah Point […]

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