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13 Aug

Annual arctic fall update

Its that time of year again – when the vegetation close to the arctic circle begins to turn. I thought this year it was turning earlier than usual, but looking back through my notes it was kind of interesting to note that when I was working in the tundra ON the Arctic circle, the fall […]

01 Sep

Encounter with zorro

Huh! Maybe you don’t always need a camera to have a great wildlife encounter, but it sure helps to have the battery charged up…Today was a glorious day to be outside – so of course, we were. There was myself and two other people on top of a ridge with panoramic endless views of gently […]

31 Aug

First stars, first frost…

Ok. I admit right at the onset here I was optimistic we’d have our first frost last night – but the conditions were right! Clear skies, cloud free, cool air, hopefully just enough dampness to create moisture and dew to rest on the tundra plants.. Just need the temperature to drop to below freezing. But […]

24 Jul

Where to nest…

In my line of work (at present) I go up hills and down hills all day long. And I am not the fittest person by a long way! So the easiest way for me to accomplish this up and down business is to ‘contour’ the hill, which means try and stay at the same elevation […]

20 Jul

An unheard of sound…

I heard something last night which according to my Geography text book,  am not supposed to hear where I am – I heard thunder! I remember a few years ago being asked on one rain sodden, overcast day, if there is ever thunder in Antarctica. I raced to my trusty book, and looked it up. […]

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