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27 Aug

A man looses his dog

The most horrifying news reached my ears today! The Hussy was killed yesterday in the morning! Readers of my blog know I introduced The Hussy to the world wide web only about 5 weeks ago as a feature on Russian camp dogs. And this comes on top of learning of another Russian camp dog, Zinka, […]

04 Aug

Russian camp dogs 2009

One of the nice things I believe I’ve mentioned before is, working outside of Australia often means people bring their dogs into the field. Just as in Antarctica where the huskies were an important part of keeping fraying nerves at bay during the long winters, the dogs here serve a similar function. So I thought […]

15 Sep

First snow for 2008

I thought being about 10 degrees further south of the arctic circle this year I would be delaying winter I would be delaying it longer (although when it arrived in Atlantic Canada style I am sure it will be with a very big snowy blanket!) However, in an almost astonishing co-incidence rather like last year […]

07 Sep

The isolation almost comes to an end

I am lucky – I only spent 3 weeks cut off from humanity. But this evening, despite being foiled yet again by Russian manipulation, we are planning to make a dash for civilisation…. My two companions for the journey had been cut off for 2 weeks and 4 weeks (although both had endured longer periods […]

20 Jul

At peace…

Something odd happened with the last 2 weeks of digital detoxing. I came to peace with it. It’s like I experienced the worst, and now… I don’t care anymore. So I went away for another 5 days into the middle of the Arctic wilderness, and I didn’t even feel compelled to start blogging offline. In […]

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