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15 Mar

The annual Chinese farce

Last year, with the Olympics being the showpiece for the ‘new’ China, they entertained the notion of ‘talks‘ with Tibet. I thought maybe this time they mean it… Afterall, the Dahli Lama has been preaching just an acceptance of Tibtan culture within China for decades now. Maybe the Chinese realised that the time they will […]

25 Apr

Is China turning a corner with regards to Tibet?

Well, its good to see there are ‘verified’ rumours that the Chinese have approached an envoy to the Dahli Lama with regards to opening talks… I imagine its the protests that have plagued the meandering route of the Olympic Torch that have had more effect than anything. Those protests have a 2-pronged effect: The Chinese […]

15 Apr

What on earth has got into the Chinese government?

A few weeks ago when unrest surged in Tibet, I wrote a piece about China and Tibet from an insider’s perspective. At the time, I mentioned that when I was there, the Chinese seemed to be aware of international pressure and an uneasy truce sort of existed between China and Tibet. Since I wrote my […]

15 Mar

The Tibet uprising – a (former) insiders view

What is going on??? The uneasy alliance between China and Tibet seems to be unravelling right now and anyway it goes, it won’t be good. I lived and worked in Tibet for 6 months which provided a fascinating insight to the turbulence which was always rumbling beneath the surface. I never truly wrote down my […]

09 Aug

Dolphin goes extinct

I know, I know… Its not the least bit travel related, but this dolphin was featured in a book I read over 20 years ago called “Last Chance to See” by Douglas Adams and Mark Carwardine. Even then, the world was screaming at the Chinese that with the continued development, blocking, pollution and human presence […]

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