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04 Apr

An evening in Mindelo, cultural capital of Cape Verde

Since we weren’t going to sail the minuscule 7 nautical miles to Sao Antao until tomorrow, a meal in town was in order! I knew John (historian) wanted to go in so after recap, I approached him to see if he had any plans. He didn’t. He was wondering if he should ask Fernando and […]

03 Apr

Isn’t belly dancing a contradiction in the middle east?

I admit it. I’ve just begun taking belly dancing class. For some reason, belly dancing has taken Canada by storm and women everywhere are taking classes in this ancient form of dancing. Meanwhile, in The Netherlands, the population moves around uneasily as Islamic extremists take to the streets in protesting the film, Fitna, a 15 […]

15 Mar

The Tibet uprising – a (former) insiders view

What is going on??? The uneasy alliance between China and Tibet seems to be unravelling right now and anyway it goes, it won’t be good. I lived and worked in Tibet for 6 months which provided a fascinating insight to the turbulence which was always rumbling beneath the surface. I never truly wrote down my […]

01 Aug

Still got a Russian identity chrisis happening…

The oddest thing happened as I exited Russia on my brief break this time – I was constantly mistaken for being a Russian! First coming in, I was erroneously designated a ‘man ‘ by my visa, and now for the first time in 3 years of erratic toings and froings in Russia, I was being […]

11 Apr

A last word on Belgian Chocolate and American hotels…

I was staying at the Sheraton Hotel in Belgium (just the nature of the deal I got and the laziness with which I bought my quick 3 day break…). Very bravely, they had given me a small gratuitous tube of Godiva chocolate as a welcome thing and put Godiva chocolate on my bed at night. […]

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