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22 Jan

So. You want to move overseas – Part 5: Driving

In some places, it is quite important to be able to drive if you want to be able to get around where you live. I have driven in many places around the world, but only needed to obtain a drivers license (due to long stay as opposed to visitor renting a car) a handful of […]

21 Jan

So. You want to move overseas – Part 4: The banks

Ahhhh. The banks… You don’t even have to move overseas to have problems with a bank do you?! Certainly, I’ve had problems with the banks when moving around overseas – even blogged about one particular bank whose motto is clearly, “The computer says no…” (yes, should acknowledge David Walliams of Little Britain there for so […]

01 Jan

2008: Bringing in the new year with Big Ben

Last year, I welcomed the new year watching the London New years fireworks from afar. This year I was going to get in the thick of it… I wasn’t sure how long before the fireworks we should get down to the Thames River – afterall in Sydney, if you haven’t secured harbour-side views by sunset, […]

01 Nov

A nostalgic trip along Route 88

Bus Route 88 in London is on a double decker bus. I am currently near its southern end, and it terminates in the north at Camden town, the bustling last frontline of the punk and gothic movement of the 1980s. If I am (in theory) to be leaving London soon, it only made sense to […]

12 Jun

Don’t open an account with HSBC – UK…

Ok, I freely admit my situation at present is a little unique, but I have to say, of all the bad treatment I have received from banks over the last 10 years, HSBC in the UK takes the cake. Now don’t get me all wrong. There is a nice side to the bank – their […]

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