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14 Oct

How many names are there for the Brits?!

“Heyyyyy! British Chicks! British Chicks! British Chicks!” “Did you hear what he just called us?” my sister exclaimed. “British chicks,” I replied, ignoring the Moroccan guy leaning against a wall and screaming after us. “No… I think he said ‘Fish and chips’” my sister said. “Why would he call us ‘Fish and chips?’ “I remarked […]

01 Aug

Still got a Russian identity chrisis happening…

The oddest thing happened as I exited Russia on my brief break this time – I was constantly mistaken for being a Russian! First coming in, I was erroneously designated a ‘man ‘ by my visa, and now for the first time in 3 years of erratic toings and froings in Russia, I was being […]

18 Mar

Listening to Norwegian radio…

WARNING: The following might be offensive to readers! (contains crude references and swear words) I am driving around a lot at the moment, listening to Norwegian radio through the day, which can be quite enlightening! I can’t say I am listening to it with the grand hope of picking up the language. Nope, that isn’t […]

20 Dec

Foibles of the English language

I ranted yesterday about the indecision one can have picking a second language to learn when your primary language is the default second language for the rest of the world. But one thing about dabbling (poorly) in learning to communicate in other languages gives me, if nothing else, an absolute appreciation for how confusing English […]

14 Oct

Grammer by letter?!

By no means am I spelling/grammer nut who gets exasperated by the abuse the English language takes. Certainly, lots of people seem to be mutating the English language now with texting/SMSing and messaging, but the other form of abuse the English can take is by people who do NOT  speak English as a first language […]

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