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26 Aug

And the delays begin. Again

Yesss… Its that time of the year. The time when I am stressing because I have been in a remote field camp for an extended period of time (nearly 7 weeks this time) and I want to get out. And I can’t… because the weather is marginally inclement, which in Russia translates as unflyable Now, […]

16 Mar

Where Air Canada fails, someone else will succeed?!

I wish this was a tale of some young airline valiantly taking on Air Canada and winning, but its not. Its another tale of how Air Canada fails to deliver on service where others can… I think I am clearly developing issues about (former) government owned airlines (Air Canada, British Airways and Qantas leap immediately […]

06 Oct

Northern lights at 39,000ft

The last time I took an evening flight from Western Canada to the UK, I was told to keep an eye out for the aurora and… I had a quick peak, saw a diffuse white glow on the northern horizon and dismissed it as some reflection of sea ice or something. But it wasn’t – […]

22 Sep

Finally, Mother Russia lets me go

It had been a long hard haul. 4 days delay in a remote bush camp.  A tense couple of flights to Magadan. The sinking despair of changing plans en route to Moscow. A close call with death in Moscow. But now it was 4.30am and I was with a tired bunch of people waiting for […]

21 Sep

Mother Russia relaxes her embrace relunctantly

Well I got the call at 9am – the driver was coming at 11am to pick me up. I had been rebooked out on an Interavia flight that was scheduled to leave at 12.30pm – but it had been delayed an hour or two. But I should still get to Moscow around 3pm, Moscow time […]

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