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04 Apr

An evening in Mindelo, cultural capital of Cape Verde

Since we weren’t going to sail the minuscule 7 nautical miles to Sao Antao until tomorrow, a meal in town was in order! I knew John (historian) wanted to go in so after recap, I approached him to see if he had any plans. He didn’t. He was wondering if he should ask Fernando and […]

03 Apr

Visiting the amazing caldera of Fogo Island, Cape Verde

Fogo Island – one of my most recent volcanic experiences! Last erupted in April 1995! Positively a spring chicken in terms of eruptions I’d been privy to in my career of chasing the desire to see a live erupting volcano… But alas, not erupting today. But at least my headache of yesterday was fading. Hannah […]

28 Dec

Borough markets – post Christmas…

The Borough markets of London… Made famous countless times over but for me, most recently in the first Bridget Jones movie. And yet… despite living here for a year, I’d never been there! I wasn’t sure how it would stack up just after Christmas, but I was relieved it was open between Christmas and New […]

05 May

A Swedish welcome to Spring

The theme was Italian football, the food was Italian, but the entertainment was pure Swedish… The sun was still high in the sky as we converged on a large barn-looking building for a Saturday night of festive fun, welcoming Spring to the Arctic north. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but it was something […]

11 Apr

Lunch in Bruge (Part VI)

From the monastery then went into a charming crowded cobble street with 2-3 story stone white-washed buildings rising above us, but lots of tourist stores and a couple of restaurants. Our guide led us into a restaurant and set menu’s were placed before us. I ended up eating by myself as everyone segregated into groups. […]

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