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29 Aug

Hiking to Wedgemount Lake, BC

This a a tale of an unrelenting hike up… then an unrelenting hike down. It’s been an abysmal year for me and long distance travelling – very unusual. So you know it’s sad when I view a 2 hour drive as long distance travelling! However, finally circumstances conspired to allow me to do an alpine […]

13 Apr

A surprising trip around Madeira

It was an early start for a long day of touring… Of course, after breakfast, we were wondering which of the 10 buses visible (just visible…) was ours as the germans steadily streamed past the ship to get on their tour buses! In the end, it turned out to be remarkably easy with ours being […]

01 Jun

A trip to Salmon Cove

High fuel or not, I was gradually going stir crazy being confined to one little town. Would I spend more on a drive into the country side or in shops? The answer was easy… So I consulted the book, “Tails of the Avalon” by Gard and Neame who describe 31 hikes around the Avalon Peninsula […]

19 May

Icebergs, waterfalls and blowholes

It’s billed as the Hike Spectacular! The one that has to be done from St John’s! It’s an extraordinary hike along the Newfoundland rugged coastline! And at the very middle of the hike, is The Spout, a freak of nature, fresshwater being blasted up into the sky as a result of sea water rushing into […]

01 Mar

Part I: Weather contrasts in Antarctica

Yesterday a Force 10 storm, today snow, wind and sunshine… As the night closed in last night, the wind dropped off until we were gently rocked to sleep by the ships motion – banished were the 100km/hr winds and 10m high waves! This morning we woke up to what can euphamistically be called, “Atmospheric Antarctica” […]

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