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04 Jan

One year in Canada

Ok…. Not quite where I had hoped to be one year into living in Canada. It took me 17 years to get here… and I’m still not quite where I want to be in Canada, nor do I find myself developing a life. In fact… it feels a lot like my time in Sydney a […]

09 Dec

Of fluffy snow and filthy cars…

It had to happen. It began very slowly – a mere few light flakes back in late October. Then endless sunny days before a few more fluffy light flakes in November. No accumulation. Come late November, all of Canda is being hammered by snow storm after snow storm. The news is filled with disgruntled people […]

21 Apr

No more sea ice – but icebergs?

Last week I joined many 100s (1000s?) of local people trooping up Signal Hill near St John’s to look at the sea ice close to the coast. Today, there was no sea ice to be seen, just open blue ocean, the Coast Guard steaming steadily for the eastern horizon and 2 fishing vessels. As far […]

14 Apr

Sea ice from Signal Hill, St John’s

Not unsurprisingly, I wasn’t the only one to know the sea ice was not only closer to the St John’s shore, but visible as well. So when I trekked up to Signal Hill to get as close to the ocean as possible (short of going to Cape Spear and getting as far east as possible…), […]

13 Mar

In the slip… er, grip of an Atlantic storm

Ohhhh! So this is why so many people stay at home when a snow storm sweeps through Newfoundland…. Although yesterday and last night were beautiful and crystal clear, a storm was forecast to come barreling through, as impossible as it seemed. However when I woke up this morning it was definitely snowing and I couldn’t […]

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