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03 Jan

The 12 hour lesson to define an Arctic Blast

“Siberian blast to freeze UK!” “Country expects to be covered in snow!” These were the type of headlines the British newspapers had been broadcasting from New Years onwards – and much to my horror, the worst of it – the freezing cold temperatures and snow – were due to hit today, thursday, the day I […]

01 Jan

2008: Bringing in the new year with Big Ben

Last year, I welcomed the new year watching the London New years fireworks from afar. This year I was going to get in the thick of it… I wasn’t sure how long before the fireworks we should get down to the Thames River – afterall in Sydney, if you haven’t secured harbour-side views by sunset, […]

28 Dec

Borough markets – post Christmas…

The Borough markets of London… Made famous countless times over but for me, most recently in the first Bridget Jones movie. And yet… despite living here for a year, I’d never been there! I wasn’t sure how it would stack up just after Christmas, but I was relieved it was open between Christmas and New […]

18 Dec

Is there a connection between trains and reading?

Today I got on the London Underground today just shortly after peak hour was over (but not before cheaper rates began!). As it was, the train was still fairly full with all seats occupied and some people standing. I snapped open my free copy of the Metro and began to read, but not before I […]

03 Nov

A second firework extravaganza

Not content with one display of fireworks over the weekend, I was easily pursuaded by my sister, who had missed last nights freebie at Clapham Common , to pay and go see the more organised event a Battersea Park, about an hour away if walking…I ended up tearing my sister away from Battlestar Galactica (she […]

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