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28 Feb

Is it me or is the mail in Canada exceptionally slow?

I’m trying to be patient here, but I feel my stress levels rise as I wondering if things have been shipped and if I will get them in Canada… At first I thought it might be something to do with the fact I am on a little island off the coast of Canada and it […]

29 Mar

My grudge with British Airways continues

How does one get their company to NOT fly them with a certain airline? How does one convince a company that they would rather pay the difference and fly a different airline to avoid flying with a particular airline???? My company for some reason seems hell bent on making me fly British Airways, and believe […]

18 Oct

So this is why people protest world trade meetings – a call for more ethics!

I have to confess, ordinarily, I’m a pretty passive person but today in two magazines, I came across two separate articles which made me want to weep and yet at the same time, DO SOMETHING! They were so absolutely horrifying, I just want to run down the streets begging people to jump up and take […]

13 Jun

Reclaiming my lost UK identity (Part V): Reunited and it feels so good!

It came! I have it! Its here! After endless delays, I have my UK passport! Not the 48 page one I asked for but the 30 page version, but ach! Details! I HAVE MY FULL UK PASSPORT!!!! Ye hah! I can travel again! And as I have been discovering over the last few weeks, quite […]

08 Jun

Reclaiming my UK identity (Part IV): Submittal accepted; Passport: still awaiting…

Application… check! Signed… check! Countersignature… check! Signed photograph… check! Lost/Passport form (LS01) completed… check! Scattered fragments proving ID… check! Spare photographs… check! Good nights sleep… escaped (if you EVER want to advertise you’ve gone on holiday, just make sure you have a faulty care alarm installed which goes off every 10 seconds as the car […]

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