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21 Apr

Entering winter for the THIRD time this year!

Ok, maybe being in Britain this year didn’t really count for experiencing winter as it never got really cold – although I did do a week in Vancouver while I was ‘in’ the UK which was wintery cold. But then I went to Norway and arrived in the middle of one of those ‘once every […]

28 Mar

And I was panicing about slow drivers?!

Slow drivers??? I was worrying about slow drivers on Norwegian roads??? How foolish and naive I was! Today, the temperature has soared up to a fairly tropical 13C and for the first time since I arrived, the  cyclists have all dusted off their bikes, and set forth to cycle on Norwegian roads. Ordinarily, I’d applaud […]

23 Mar

The Tracksuit brigade on their daily constitution

Driving or walking around Southern Norway, the one thing that is going to jump out at you (or me anyway) are the number of people out taking their ‘daily constition.’ It doesn’t matter what time of the day it is, there are frequently people walking around in tracksuits or outdoor gear (if the weather is […]

22 Mar

The ashes before the phoenix rises

… or I guess I could call this entry my usual observations as spring arrives in my new country du année… But firstly though, I have to comment again on how NARROW he roads of Norway are (an observation I have made before …)! Might be fine if you are in a small car, but […]

18 Mar

Listening to Norwegian radio…

WARNING: The following might be offensive to readers! (contains crude references and swear words) I am driving around a lot at the moment, listening to Norwegian radio through the day, which can be quite enlightening! I can’t say I am listening to it with the grand hope of picking up the language. Nope, that isn’t […]

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