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03 Apr

Visiting the amazing caldera of Fogo Island, Cape Verde

Fogo Island – one of my most recent volcanic experiences! Last erupted in April 1995! Positively a spring chicken in terms of eruptions I’d been privy to in my career of chasing the desire to see a live erupting volcano… But alas, not erupting today. But at least my headache of yesterday was fading. Hannah […]

19 Feb

Starting the social cycle again

Travelling has the most amazing perks and it has some downfalls as well. The world is made of many many different cultures and all react to people in different ways – indifference, enthusiasm, curiosity, caution… And all will present many different faces to the passing traveller depending on whether the traveller is visiting or staying. […]

07 Dec

Backdoor entry to Dar es Salaam

I was kind of intrigued by what Dar es Salaam was going to hold for me. I am sure most people entering Tanzania come in through Dar es Salaam but I had flown into Mwanza in the north first, and all I had seen were endless villages made up of mud bricks and a combination […]

02 Dec

White-people watching

It had been a long hot day, and I was sitting on a wooden bench in the small concrete veranda our place in Haneti had. As I sipped my warm coke (yeuch!), a group of young girls peered shyly around a bush and then seeing they had been noticed, shyly walked out and gathered in […]

01 Dec

Lunch in Singida

After 5 hours of bouncing along the road between Nzanga and Singida, it was with great relief we pulled into a petrol station. I have to admit, I enjoy my anonymity sitting behind tinted windows because nothing causes the Tanzanians to stare more than a car with a couple of wazunga’s  (white people) in it, […]

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