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23 Apr

A very soggy entrance to Nova Scotia!

AAAAAAAAAAAGH!!! Driving BLIND!!! I was woken from a pleasant sleep in the suprisingly comfortable dorm bunk bed on the Ferry, Caribou, by the impression an announcement had been made. I looked at my watch and saw it was 6.15am and figured we had to be getting close to Nova Scotia now. It hadn’t been at […]

25 Dec

Celebrating a wte christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you are enjoing a warm and fun-filled celebration! This time last year, the folks of St John’s, Newfoundland were, I am led to believe, entertaining their second massive dumping of snow. It was truly a white christmas for them! I was, of course, in London, having a London-type christmas at […]

09 Nov

Mad moment

There is something about the miserable weather of St John’s that makes me want to stick my fist up in definace from time to time.  About once a month it would appear… Yersterday was such a day – it had rained all day and I felt like a walk. There is a ticking sense of […]

15 Sep

First snow for 2008

I thought being about 10 degrees further south of the arctic circle this year I would be delaying winter I would be delaying it longer (although when it arrived in Atlantic Canada style I am sure it will be with a very big snowy blanket!) However, in an almost astonishing co-incidence rather like last year […]

12 May

Dressing for the cold – or not!

It is a rather peculiar thing, but the further north you go in the world, the less people seem to wear in the cities. For me, stinging rain, sleet, a wind chill factor below zero degrees celcius (-32F) all rather suggest I dress warmly. But as I’ve roamed the streets of such northern cities as […]

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