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24 Mar

If you absolutely have to move… don’t rely on U-haul

I freely admit, this blog entry will make the most sense to North Americans and hopefully other places in the world don’t have the same kind of service. But I learnt how fantabulously unreliable and messed up U-haul, a self-moving truck service is this last weekend! I always knew my Easter dash to the west […]

16 Mar

Where Air Canada fails, someone else will succeed?!

I wish this was a tale of some young airline valiantly taking on Air Canada and winning, but its not. Its another tale of how Air Canada fails to deliver on service where others can… I think I am clearly developing issues about (former) government owned airlines (Air Canada, British Airways and Qantas leap immediately […]

05 Sep

The indecision of basing one’s self… where?

Let me tell you one thing about being able to be based just about anywhere – its hard to narrow down to a place on this planet where you should live! Although I like parts of Australia, it sometimes feels a ‘long way away’ and with the areas I wish to move into, increasingly more […]

31 Aug

Ladies: Steps to recognise if you have a gentleman or an asshole

I know, I know, this is a travel blog – but part of travelling is commenting on cultures. And I have a bone to pick with the evolution of ‘man’ in Western Cultures right now! I don’t know what it is, but any man over the age of 25 seems to metamorphose into an asshole […]

31 Jul

Hurricanes increasing in ‘destructivity?’

My blood boils when I read articles like this one posted on the news feeds – this one about hurricanes increasing in destructivity as global warming kicks in… Does it not occur to anyone that it isn’t necessarily the size of strength of the hurricanes that are causing more destruction but the fact more and […]

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