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15 Sep

First snow for 2008

I thought being about 10 degrees further south of the arctic circle this year I would be delaying winter I would be delaying it longer (although when it arrived in Atlantic Canada style I am sure it will be with a very big snowy blanket!) However, in an almost astonishing co-incidence rather like last year […]

20 Jul

At peace…

Something odd happened with the last 2 weeks of digital detoxing. I came to peace with it. It’s like I experienced the worst, and now… I don’t care anymore. So I went away for another 5 days into the middle of the Arctic wilderness, and I didn’t even feel compelled to start blogging offline. In […]

16 Jul

Digital detox: Day 14 – the addict gets a shot…

I admit it, I am one of those people who loves the communication we have in the world nowadays… I feel like (what I imagine) a drug addict must feel when they get the drug of their choice after a long depravation. Is this why many smokers don’t want to be around cigarette smoke once […]

15 Jul

Digitial detox: Day 12: A forecast of things to come?

Desire to access the internet or outside world: Happy… A reprieve??? I have procured an excuse to go to the main camp for an evening/night of emailing! Its still 2 days away, but suddenly I feel calm. No longer am I agitated because I have no idea when I’ll next be able to send/receive emails, […]

13 Jul

Digitial detox: Day 10: Black Friday – a day of unhappy home truths

Desire to access the internet or outside world: I need a life… Yes sirree… I need to get a new job and a life in the process! I mean, how sad is it that the thing I miss most is emailing people? I adore my friends, scattered all over the world as they are. I […]

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