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31 Aug

Zig-zagging across time zones

At the ungodly hour of 5.30am, I was down in the hotel foyer admiring their large coarse weaving behind the checkout desk. Damn. I would have paid handsomly for that yesterday as a souvenir of Yakutsk! But my fate was to be bundled into a car very shortly and dashed to the airport to take […]

30 Aug

A brief evening in Yakutsk, Russia

I’d love to say I got out and around in Yakutsk. But by the time we got to the hotel, it was about 5.45pm (not a fast bus…). By the time our party dwindled down to me and my travel companion for the next few days and we were checked into hotels or gone home, […]

30 Aug

A surprising exit from the Verkhoyansk Ranges, Siberia

I was lying in bed, not particularly ready to get up. There was no real reason to get up. It was Sunday. What (non-commercial) plane flies in Russia on a Sunday??? Knock, knock, knock. Ok. They weren’t going away. I scrambled out of bed and went and answered the door. My translator was standing there, […]

27 Aug

A man looses his dog

The most horrifying news reached my ears today! The Hussy was killed yesterday in the morning! Readers of my blog know I introduced The Hussy to the world wide web only about 5 weeks ago as a feature on Russian camp dogs. And this comes on top of learning of another Russian camp dog, Zinka, […]

26 Aug

And the delays begin. Again

Yesss… Its that time of the year. The time when I am stressing because I have been in a remote field camp for an extended period of time (nearly 7 weeks this time) and I want to get out. And I can’t… because the weather is marginally inclement, which in Russia translates as unflyable Now, […]

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