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03 Sep

Last dash to Insadong, Korea

I was due to fly out at 5pm. A good time… and a bad time. Meant I had to check out of the hotel and do something until that time. So I decided to return to Insadong, the natty area in Seoul where there was good food (if I’d had the time and inclination to […]

18 Apr

A puzzling walk around Ponta del Gada, Sao Miguel Is, Azores

Up and at ’em! Bright and early! Boot them passengers off the ship! By 8.30am, everyone was gone and it was just staff left milling around on the dock. The dock. It was a miserable dock.The sky was overcast and grey and occasionally spat on us. The harbour at Ponta del Gada on Sao Miguel […]

02 Jan

The cynics view of the British Christmas Sales

Last year I became somewhat morbidly fascinated by the shear desperation of the average British shopper before and after christmas. This year it seems if anything worse, and yet the consumer has indicated they are getting savvy – which in my cynical opinion means the shops are going to pay us back for that with […]

06 Nov

A quick trip to Asakusa in Tokyo

As part of my disconnect from Sydney to Vancouver, I found myself with nearly a day to kill in Tokyo. As the airline puts me up at a hotel near the airport, the easiest thing to do is go back to the airport and catch a train into town. However, Tokyo is very big and […]

20 May

Brief visit to Lhasa

At last! It’s time to go on break! With everything in order, I took the opportunity to leave Shigatse in the morning so I could spend the afternoon in Lhasa, an experience i missed when I arrived. I didn’t know it, but Lhasa is about an hours drive from the airport… I was driven Shigtatse […]

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