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03 May

Driving into spring

I felt like I was in the movie, Twighlight Zone (1983) and the story about a boy who could do anything and his teacher… For at the end of that story, they walk off into a fairy tale sunset, carpets of colourful flowers blossuming behind them. Today, after driving across several 1000km of post-winter/pre-spring Canada, […]

21 Apr

No more sea ice – but icebergs?

Last week I joined many 100s (1000s?) of local people trooping up Signal Hill near St John’s to look at the sea ice close to the coast. Today, there was no sea ice to be seen, just open blue ocean, the Coast Guard steaming steadily for the eastern horizon and 2 fishing vessels. As far […]

14 Apr

Sea ice from Signal Hill, St John’s

Not unsurprisingly, I wasn’t the only one to know the sea ice was not only closer to the St John’s shore, but visible as well. So when I trekked up to Signal Hill to get as close to the ocean as possible (short of going to Cape Spear and getting as far east as possible…), […]

31 Mar

Anxiously awaiting spring

Eastern Canada technically entered spring nearly 2 weeks ago, but still the snow fall. Yet movies set on the wild coast here makes me thirst for my first spring here. It seems like every year I am anxiously waiting for spring to make an appearance and it doesn’t help that I am presently in an […]

05 May

A Swedish welcome to Spring

The theme was Italian football, the food was Italian, but the entertainment was pure Swedish… The sun was still high in the sky as we converged on a large barn-looking building for a Saturday night of festive fun, welcoming Spring to the Arctic north. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but it was something […]

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