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25 Sep

A 4D view of 3D-looking 2D chalk drawings in Sydney

Chalk drawings have come a long way from the scratchings on a blackboard by my teachers when I was young! The “Chalk the Walk” festival in Sydney over the weekend highlighted that very clearly! I didn’t manage to get down until Sunday, the third day of the Festival where most artists after 2 days were […]

16 Sep

Walking the streets hobbled

Over the last couple of days I have begun to start hobbling around Sydney again – I can’t stand being chained up inside for so long! May not have been the best decision, but I feel better for it… My first trip was down to a nearby arcade about 200m away from where I am […]

21 Dec

Sydney unrest II

So Sydney survived the weekend with no violence – although at a tremondous price with enormous police presence, no people of middle-eastern appearance (or mediterranean for that matter) able to go to the beach and deserted beaches in case the thugs appeared anyway. And one couldn’t even go to the beach without joining extensive queue’s […]

15 Dec

Sydney’s unrest

They call it racial tension, but its really more like cultural tension and youthful hot headed stupidity. Riots erupted last weekend at a Sydney beach, conveniently, the only one with train access. The riots started supposedly in response to some Lebanese youths bashing up a couple of lifesavers on Cronulla beach – which is a […]

15 Mar

Sunset flight over Australia

Ahhh… Flying over central Australia at sunset is just stunning! I left Sydney around 5pm (we were clearly at the long end of the runway today!). It wasn’t approaching dusk as we left so we gained hight flying over the speckled suburbs of Sydney which gradually gave way to the dark gentle dome shaped hills […]

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