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21 Jul

The devolution in travel begins again

My travels sound exotic to many, but I am starting to get tired of the long travel times to get somewhere. Recently, the New Scientist magazine did a map showing the remotest places on Planet Earth, and their criterian was it took more than 3 days to get there. Depressingly, most of my work areas […]

03 Apr

Isn’t belly dancing a contradiction in the middle east?

I admit it. I’ve just begun taking belly dancing class. For some reason, belly dancing has taken Canada by storm and women everywhere are taking classes in this ancient form of dancing. Meanwhile, in The Netherlands, the population moves around uneasily as Islamic extremists take to the streets in protesting the film, Fitna, a 15 […]

19 Feb

Starting the social cycle again

Travelling has the most amazing perks and it has some downfalls as well. The world is made of many many different cultures and all react to people in different ways – indifference, enthusiasm, curiosity, caution… And all will present many different faces to the passing traveller depending on whether the traveller is visiting or staying. […]

10 Apr

Even travellers have dreams…

… and one of mine has to go on the Eurostar, ever since I first heard about it. And amazingly and frustratingly, I have only been dealt options to fly to Europe ever since. Well, at last i took matters into my own hands. With a few idle days, I booked myself on a ‘mini-break’ […]

30 Nov

Tanzanian distances

Driving through Tanzania is bit of an experience. The government for some reason felt that businesses should set up first, then they’d build the infrastructure to the towns and cities that sprung up. Well, as evidenced previously with all the villages being built along roads, so have the cities sprung up around pre-existing roads. So […]

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